Ti Universal Cap

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The Universal Ti Cap is a directional cap which dramatically enhances the efficiency of any dish, by containing the vapor and focusing airflow in a functional direction. It also allows for lower temperature vaporization.

With a directional cap, Comet Spheres can be utilized for kinetic action to improve vaporization effiency.

The Universal Ti Cap is threaded to attach a dabber tool handle. D-Nail dabber designs feature a tapered shaft which acts as a heat sink for the handle to reduce heat transfer from dish.

Universal Ti Cap inner-steps fit to most D-Nail dish designs, and may be compatible with other dishes of similar size.

Compatible Nails:

  • D-Nail® NIMBUS™ All Materials
  • D-Nail® HALO™ All Materials
  • D-Nail® 20mm Ti Deep Dish
  • D-Nail® 16mm Ti Deep Dish
  • D-Nail® 10mm Ti OG Dish
  • D-Nail®/Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail
  • Most other domeless Titanium nails with a dish OD of 18-22mm or 25-28mm