Titanium HALO™

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Uses FLAT Coil Heaters
REQUIRES a compatible nail base to function.
Compatible with ® Slim Series modular nail base.

The Titanium HALO dish is crafted from medical-grade Titanium in one solid piece. It is a durable and affordable choice for clean vaporization.

Our series of HALO dishes utilize the same shape in different materials to offer a range of vaporizing options. With multiple choices, everyone can find the fit that’s just right for them. The HALO dishes all sit atop the same compatible bases, so they’re easy to interchange amongst each other.

Assembles with  Slim Series Parts and Flat Coil Heater


  • Grade 1 Titanium version of the  HALO™ dish
  • Compatible ONLY with  Flat Coil Heaters
  • Compatible with all  V1 series titanium nail bases
  • Compatible with  Slim Series modular nail base
  • Compatible with Highly Educated InfiniTi
  • Compatible with Sapphire Insert for InfiniTi/HALO™ (as a convection shelf)
  • Compatible with  V1 Sapphire Insert (as a convection shelf)
  • Compatible with  Universal Titanium Carb Cap


  • Only compatible with US (110V) Flat Coil Heaters, NOT Euro (220V) Flat Coils!
  • Slim series 14mm male joints also function as 10mm female joints.

To use this nail for convection-based vaporization, pair it with our sapphire insert (InfiniTi/SiC size)- the insert rests securely on a shelf just above the hot dish surface.

The Slim Series is a modular nail base design compatible with a wide variety of male and female joint sizes and most dishes. Includes heat sink, heater retainer, and locking nut (all of which are required to function) and interchangeable joints and bases (in your choice of sizes).