Turbo Ti Cap with Dabber Handle

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This is absolutely next level technology at work here- the result of years of thought, and a year of work to make.

The cap is so energy efficient that the running temps decrease 30-40F, and the pressure needed drops by about half. It's unlike anything, and after a dozen years in this field, we can safely say these are two of the absolute best executed tools we have ever seen.

The cap uses 3 new concepts in perfect unison:

Lateral intakes- airflow coming from multiple lateral intakes evens the pressure while minimizing the downward vectors that are prone to splashing

Windshield- the outer cylinder forces all air to rotate around it before escaping the the nail's intake. This concentrates the force, eliminating stray vectors. With the force slightly stronger at two points from the intakes, we still see high levels of penetration into the liquid layer, critical for efficient vaporization, while offering first rate splash mitigation.

Vaulted dome- the final piece of the puzzle, the vaulting in the center serves as a low pressure zone, forcing fluids into it. In effect, it acts as a vacuum assist, helping lower boiling points.  It also encourages reclaim to collect at the easiest to clean portion. Standing upright, only the lower rim would sit on a table, dramatically reducing residual oil being left on your nice things.

Sized for halo/nimbus dishes, works amazingly on 28mm nails and very well on 25mm, doesn't fit 24mm.

The Spaded Shovel dabber:

Our initial reviews came in as "Nothing about this we don't love."

Unc 10-24, fits all of our threaded parts as well as Happy Daddy and Highly Educated (Happy Daddy used to make all of them).

The tip, machined separately and welded/polished. We considered a great many options. Ultimately, we decided forging was not precise enough and casting was too brittle. The time and effort to execute these us well worth it, and they truly stand out as heirloom quality tools.

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    Best Carb Cap for 28mm Dish

    Posted by Noah A. on Feb 26th 2024

    I paid more for this carb cap than I did for the 28mm sic dish enail set up I'm using and it's worth every penny. It spins included pearl even at that lowest draw speeds.

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    Vroom Cap & ti Spade/Shovel Dabber

    Posted by Daniel on Feb 18th 2021

    I like having titanium caps around. That said, they don't get nicer than this one. Incredible rotational force. Precise metalwork. It does what it's supposed to do, and that's what it's all about. I paired my Vroom cap w/ an insulated wooden handle that I picked up from NewVape about a year and a half ago, and I would not trade this thing for any 3 ti spinner caps that I've seen elsewhere....and that is no exaggeration. D-Nail, you guys need to make an insulated "handle" for your threaded ti carb caps. I know a guy who'd buy 4 of those Awaken dabber handles right now if they had "male" threads (so I could attach them to my various ti spinner caps). ...and yeah, that guy I know is me. I'd gladly drop the $300 on 4 handles right now if I could use them on my ti carb caps rather than my ti dabbers (I've already got threaded endcaps for all of those...and they fit into the pre-machined holes on top of my pid controller). Please and thanks.......