Full D-NAIL® Kit

Commonly Asked Question:
What is the difference between Digital Controller models?

The performance and function is the same for both Mini and 1.4 (also Ninja) Controllers, with minor differences in button controls

  • Accurate temperature reading & stable temperature control
  • Top quality, long lasting electrical components
  • Enclosure of 1/8” rolled steel with high temperature resistant coating

Other than the physical size, the significant difference between the Mini and 1.4 Digital Controller is how power to the heater is controlled:
The Mini Controller powers the heater as an on/off state 
The 1.4 (and Ninja) Controller powers the heater with variable wattage, like a dimmer switch
This difference of power to the heater affects the lifespan of the heater; the variable wattage of the 1.4 is expected to preserve the heater's lifespan.

Short Answer:
Both Controllers have the same performance, the 1.4 has superior components that will preserve heater function over time

Also, 1.4 features a 10amp power outlet on the back (so multiple controllers can plug into 1 wall outlet)