Universal Torchless Heating System

$400.00 - $450.00
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Current lead time - Standard: ~4 Weeks. XL: ~3 Weeks

V1.1: Faster heatup, higher maximum temperature, sheds less heat


*Standard vs XL.  Standard size will fit almost every nail with exceptions for the widest and tallest.  XL is 50mm wide inside vs 42mm, and the XL is 20mm taller.  The standard will heat up faster and have better overall performance for most products, whereas the XL will accoommdate the few models that do not fit the standard.*

Heatup times:

45 seconds or more.  This varies by set temp and how long you leave it in.  You'll be able to find ideal temperatures where you can take it out at exactly the right temperature.

Heatup method:

We suggest putting the quartz in place on a rig and adjusting the height of the heater.  While we don't recommend hanging things in from the side, you can.  It's just a matter of whether you want to manually handle it.


3 Year Warranty, 1 year warranty on heating element.  Service available as long as D-Nail exists.  Able to be serviced at home with simple tools.

Key notes:

-This is a D-Nail plugin.  It is a 400w device compatible with any of our controllers and most cross compatible models.  For a non D-Nail controller, please confirm with the manufacturer.

-The heated area is mounted to an adjustable lift, and most rig/nail configurations will work.

-Minimum height from table to lowest part of heated area: 2.5".

-It is silent

-Primary components are high grade 310S steel and laboratory grade high density ceramic insulation.


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    Dnail Heater Kit

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 30th 2024

    Really dig it. Silent operation. Very bright led display. So far so good definitely want to do more r and d I will have a full review on Instagram soon @spacemanfaded88. Also the mood at are dope I love the double thick one

  • 5
    Need quartz top

    Posted by Richard on Apr 16th 2024

    Please lmk what size I ordered because I need the quartz topper to it

  • 4
    Great Innovation!

    Posted by Steve on Mar 25th 2024

    Loving this device. The only problem I have is it is a fire hazard. If you put it on you can't leave its side because it emanates heat at least a foot away. There is need for refinement, but this product is new. Just need something to allow or make it cool. You really can't touch anything except the very bottom black part and the knob to raise it up and down. Can't even move the quartz top to adjust because you will burn yourself bad. Great product just needs some work.

  • 5

    Posted by Timps27 on Feb 6th 2024

    Cons up front, it won’t fit all of your nails, it won’t fit all of your rigs, and it comes with some location restrictions (radiant heat). Those aside, I absolutely love it. With a decent height tower or slurper the heat is concentrated on the column (and your pillar). I’ve been keeping mine at 808, it does take about 8 minutes or so to get a good heat soak, but it sets in so much deeper than a torch. Temps dropping 30+ degrees on the drop and getting vapor into the bottom half of 300 on the Dab Rite. No, it will not replace your torch. But it will run a good daily setup, and you can break out the torch for big pieces or fun!

  • 5
    Game Changer

    Posted by blackskyselect on Jan 31st 2024

    I've never had a 490 degree dab hit as hard as a 600 degree one with a torch would. Its slower and less portable but I haven't used a torch since I got this thing

  • 4
    Love the concept need to work on getting best hit

    Posted by Bradley G on Jan 6th 2024

    Good product still trying to get it right but worth the money

  • 5
    Torchless heater

    Posted by Glasshouse NM on Jan 2nd 2024

    This thing works amazing! We had a lot of interest shown at the event where we had with it on demo! Always top notch products coming from DNail!!

  • 4
    Best option out there by far

    Posted by VG on Jan 2nd 2024

    Silent and can leave it running for hours with bangers in place, or not. Takes a few minutes to get to 900 on controller from room temperature. Takes a few mins for a banger to heat evenly as well. Take caution if hanging bangers in the device, I broke 2 buckets that got stuck (not from thermal expansion either). Aside from those 2 broken bangers, I'm very pleased with this device, does everything it advertises. Might need something to place a rig on if u have short height joint/rig

  • 5
    Product so good I got banned from reddit dabs for saying I liked it.

    Posted by Dnugs on Dec 28th 2023

    This thing just works, silent like an enail but much more options for what it can heat. I posted a reveiw on reddit, and I guess I liked it too much. I was accused of both being a shill for and the owner of D-nail. While it would have been neat to get this for free, I paid for it myself, and it was by far worth the money.