SiC Nimbus™

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The Nimbus dish is 70% larger than the Halo dish, which accommodates larger amounts of material. Subtle modifications have been made to the dish corners to allow for increased contact area at the critical points where oil spreads and for easier cleaning.
Extra care has been taken to use and push further state of the art construction techniques, to ensure the highest quality. Made from extremely high purity sintered silicon carbide and painstakingly polished to a mirror finish, these are made to last!
Key points:
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals and heat- they hold up perfectly to years of heavy use without wear.
  • Extremely nonstick- makes them easy to clean.
  • Highly conductive and high thermal capacity- very even heating across the dish.
Flavor: This is a complex subject. 
Silicon Carbide is extremely inert and will not contaminate the flavor of your oil. 
Beyond that is where the real magic comes into play- the low surface adhesion and high conductivity both serve to allow the rapid spreading and vaporization of material. 
Considering the narrow time span of a human breath, this nail allows for virtually unmatched ability to vaporize and deliver a wide range of compounds with minimal degradation.
In short, the dish delivers the full flavor of your oil better than anything we have been able to deem safe for these purposes short of, perhaps, sapphire.
Pair with comet spheres and a directional cap for mixing, and this nail elevates to an even higher level of efficiency and flavor.
Cross brand or older assemblies:
The retaining lug is 5/16 female thread, and will fit with a variety of products other than our own.
Should there not be a wide enough area to support the heating element, a height lock or coil retainer should be affixed to support the heating element.
NOTE: Slim series 14mm male joints also function as 10mm female joints.

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    SiC Nimbus is a beast!

    Posted by Chris on May 4th 2020

    I picked up the D-Nail SiC Nimbus & assembly recently as a replacement to another banger that had some pretty glaring issues.. Thus far, I've been pretty impressed with the Nimbus - its easy to setup, takes heat well, heats quickly, and the taste is significantly improved over titanium. Cleaner burns all around as well, and I find that as long as I'm not putting more than a grain of rice worth of extract in, I don't have much cleaning to do. Additionally, the PTFE insert provided with the Nimbus does a wonderful job of insulating glass from heat dispersion, and its a nice touch.