Quartz Top for Universal Heater

Was: $250.00
Now: $200.00
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Fused quartz slide on cover (not required)

-Expanded heated area (20mm height, increases fully heated area 10-15mm)

-More even heating

-Safer to touch (don't touch it hot though please)

-Accomodates lower side arm designs like the thermal slurper


These are complex, precision, hand-made parts.  They are all checked for fit.  Appearance may vary.

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    Perfect Mate

    Posted by Timps27 on Feb 16th 2024

    The Pro: It does enhance the usability and experience of the Universal Heater, it is not just a deco top. It helps retain the heat in the tunnel and ultimately the nail, I have been able to lower the set temp on my PID an additional 10-20° to achieve the same result as without the top. Also, if you want to ‘hang’ a nail from the heater without it being attached to a rig, I would absolutely recommend the top. I am personally okay with hanging my own nails from it with the top on, but I wouldn’t do so without. The Con: It is a buck, on top of (figuratively and literally) the UH. To be fair it is a chunk of quartz and I’m sure it’s not simple to craft. IMHO, if you only intend to heat nails that are connected to a rig and tend to be cost conscious, you can certainly get everything you need without the topper. If you intend to hang nails with any frequency from the heater, or you can afford the extra expense, it is a worthwhile piece that is functional.