PTFE Joint Protector

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Protect your joints! Minimize joint lock and wear, all at once. Made of 100% US laboratory grade PTFE, these sleeves are temperature resistant to 500F, highly nonstick (relative for our purposes), soft, flexible, and chemically resistant. Especially since the sizing of glass ground joints is variable, trimming the end can be necessary.

Otherwise, the best method to affix these is to first apply them to the male joint. Twist and push to get them as far along as you can, and then simply use the part as normal.

Alternately, assemble the joints as you would normally with the sleeve between them and push/twist them into place.

In some cases, especially brand new, they may be too nonstick and your joints will swivel (especially with heavy weight or odd angles). In such a case, breaking in the joint protector can help, much the same as breaking in new shoes. Simply put it between two joints, press, and twist back and forth gently to help the material contour. Once a little bit of oil gets in place, however, they will have extra grip.

In the extreme case where the sleeve cannot be removed, there are two methods to try.

  1. Gently warm the area with a heat gun (or hair drier) to melt any oil that may be holding it in place, then try again.
  2. Freeze the stuck parts. PTFE has a greater thermal expansion rate than glass, and will shrink considerably. Depending on if or how much or what kind of oil is present, freezing may help render the oil brittle enough to come apart or simply not help.


  • 10mm: Use between a 10mm male and 10mm female joint. This includes 10mm male nails in 10mm female rigs and vice-versa.
  • 14mm: Use between a 14mm male and 14mm female joint. This includes 14mm male nails in 14mm female rigs and vice-versa.
  • 18mm: Use between an 18mm male and 18mm female joint. This includes 18mm male nails in 18mm female rigs and vice-versa.
  • 14mm to 10mm Reducer: Use between a 10mm male and 14mm female joint. This includes 10mm male nails in 14mm female rigs and 14mm female nails on 10mm male rigs.
  • 18mm to 14mm Reducer: Use between a 14mm male and 18mm female joint. This includes 14mm male nails in 18mm female rigs and 18mm female nails on 14mm male rigs.

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  • 5
    PTFE Joint Protector

    Posted by NTO on Jun 16th 2023

    I use these on all of my glass, great piece of mind for nice pieces

  • 5
    Joint protector

    Posted by NTO on Dec 12th 2022

    Essential for your nice glass

  • 5
    Best joint protector

    Posted by Matt on Sep 2nd 2022

    Keeps the joint on my rig nice and tight and protected from scratches. I use these on all of my rigs at all times. They are my go to.

  • 5
    Didn't know I needed these so bad

    Posted by Roch on May 24th 2022

    I ordered one cause I was unsure about it. Fixed the loose joint on my rig. Immediately ordered 2 more because how well they work Did I mention both orders had freebies d-nail crew ate the best

  • 5
    Joint Protector

    Posted by ProfessorKnown on Sep 23rd 2021

    This is a MUST for EVERY single one of my glass items! Honestly I’ve been looking for a solution to this issue for years and this is just PERFECT! I’m keeping one with EVERY rig and never not using one again!!

  • 4
    Protects and seals

    Posted by Matt on Sep 7th 2020

    Keeps my glass safe and also seals up any leaks at my joint!!!! Fixed my problems

  • 5
    DNail Products

    Posted by BENJAMIN Jeffrey on Jul 17th 2020

    I have been asked to review the DNail PTFE joint but I wanted instead to take this opportunity to say that all the products I have purchased have been outstanding and the customer service is truly one on one and amazing Care is given to ensure that everything is as it should be....thanks I will continue to buy....

  • 5

    Posted by Jay on Jun 27th 2020

    If you want to protect your piece like I do, this will do the trick! I've had my nail stuck before to the point I had to break my glass piece in a special way to free my base of my nail (contact D-Nail if this ever happens first!). Ever since I've used the PTFE joint protector, I have never had any troubles! I clean my piece and nail often and it can be very easy to get the base of your nail to become stuck. Do yourself a favor and grab one of these or more if needed. Trust me, you'll thank me when you use it. My base will never get stuck again! Thank you D-Nail!