Barrel Heater

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Cylindrical heaters with flat bottoms.  Barrel heaters.

Many of our old designs are compatible with them, many of our new ones are made specifically for them.

These are the heaters for bangers and banger style nails, and are specifically sized to match the sizes of standard quartz tubing with as much precision as we can manage.

*** If you are trying to assemble any heater with a quartz nail, and either does not fit easily or appears significantly loose, contact us before proceeding.  We are using custom molds and stricty quality control procedures to attempt to standardize these as much as possible.  There are too many steps involved in turning raw heating elements and raw tubing into finished and 'perfectly' matched parts to always get it right***


That being said, despite our heaters being of generally high quality, we are putting extra effort into these to make sure your glass is safe.


All sizes are in millimeters reflecting the size nail they fit.  They are all just slighlty larger.