16mm Coil Heater [Reservation]

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currently out of stock, sold as Reservation from next batch

16mm Coil Heater for ® control units, with a Kanthal nichrome heating element and approximately a 5' long kevlar sheath. All D-NAiL® heaters use gold pin XLR connectors for maximum signal connectivity.


  • Compatible with analog and digital ® Controllers
  • Nichrome heating element
  • Cord sheathed in kevlar to protect wiring from heat exposure
  • XLR connector with gold pins, rated for over 1000 mating cycles (plugging in and out of unit).
  • Length: 5' (approximate)
  • 90 day warranty

For the earliest D-NAiL® Digital Controller 1.1 with the grey square heater input, instead of XLR, select 1.1 Connection (square)