38mm Quartz Whiskey Stone - flat bottom sphere

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  • JGS1 optical quartz with optical precision and polish. 
  • 38mm sphere (34 tall with flat bottom)

There is a lot of debate about whether whiskey stones are of any particular benefit, but very little past that, in terms of their specific function. We didn't specifically set out to try our hands at whiskey science, but once we got to thinking, it made sense.

Foremost, the material is functionally fully inert. Compared to conventional stones which are typically natural stone or steel, these will not affect your flavor in any way.

With the energy being absorbed into the stone more slowly than other stones, the whiskey is cooled for a long time (up to about 30 minutes), but at a higher temperature. In many cases, this is a significant benefit, because too much cooling mutes flavors.

The material needn't be of this high grade or as precisely tooled and polished to be effective, but we firmly believe aesthetics matter. And, optical quartz is utterly stunning.