Quartz Spheres for Slurpers/Blenders

$40.00 - $140.00
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Qsph Slur/Blender

Pre order item, scheduled to ship mid-late July.


Sorry it took us a minute to do the quartz ones.  Totally slipped our minds.  Cold worked pillars are a little more expensive than we thought, so we only have sample size orders in of those.


22mm toppers will fit most slurpers.  Check you diameters for valves.  Your valve needs to be wider than your stem, or it might get stuck.


Ultra high purity quartz, electrochemically formed and vacuum purged.

Ultra high optical precision.


And these things matter.  Time has shown us how much better high purity quartz holds up over time, and when it comes to glass on glass moving parts, you want them as smooth and perfectly shaped as possible.


Each of these is made to the same exacting standards as a high precision laser lens.