Shinju™ 6 Point Lateral Cap

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Among the most powerful tools we have seen, the new line of lateral intake caps is one of our favorites!

Shinju is a new material for the industry overall, and the efficiency with which we can make complex shapes (rough molds and fine tooling) affords us options we do not have anywhere else. It is heavy, strong, and insulative, making it a logical carb cap choice. It does not hold up well to sustained torch flame.

Precision engineered, precision machined- this cap perfectly ecompasses a snapshot of where we are with cap physics.

The first two variants are for 24-25mm bangers and mobile rigs, respectively. The mobile rig variant has a slightly wider rim and slightly less airflow, but still works as a high restriction cap on any flat top nail 16-25mm.

A cap needs the right amount and type of airlfow, and these are as well refined as we can think to make them- balancing ease of use, rotational energy, splash mitigation, and penetration into the liquid layer.

Standard Channel Caps are the most direct comparision, and we see this cap has:

  • Much better fit and stability (rim)
  • Much better penetration into the oil (testing with water in a nail and a pump demonstratably aerates the water unlike anything we've seen)
  • Slightly less splash mitigation (still excellent, but there is a trade off for power)
  • Less universality (rim)

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    Posted by David Christie on Mar 11th 2021

    It worked well on the Toric nail I picked up on this site as well as my other bangers. It’s versatile and easy to keep clean. I truly enjoyed unboxing this and finding a clean sheet dab rag to keep this perfect cap clean. Fits the 20mm Toric and my 24mm nails perfect.