Sapphire Insert 22x20mm (For 30mm Bangers)

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From the people with the most experience in the industry working with sapphire.

Pure, optical grade sapphire.

Sapphire Insert 22x20mm  Careful tapers at every edge, rounded junction of wall/dish for easy cleaning
Outer Diameter:   22mm * must fit within the ID of the paired Banger, please measure if unsure of fit
Inner Diameter:  17mm
Wall Thickness:  2.5mm
Base Thickness:  3.5mm
Dish Depth:  16.5mm
Total Height  20mm



  • Smooth tapers at every edge to prevent chipping or scratching.
  • As wide of an upper bevel to minimize deflection of downward airflow (and augment rotational energy).
  • Subtle taper from wall to dish, mainly for ease of cleaning, but a slight improvement both to surface area and general fluid dynamics.
  • Balanced mass for warmup and heat retention.