Quartz Lotus - Pukinbeagle x D-Nail - Bundle

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Quartz Bowls and 18mm Boro please add 1-3 weeks

Based on the original D-Nail Lotus, the progenitor of modern injector style vapes, we've circled back to this style after nearly a decade.

Sized specifically for the standard Universal Heater, this next-generation vape packs more into a small frame, and just like the original, rotational airflow to mitigate dead spots and stirring.

The way we work with Pukinbeagle is different than anyone else.  Every week, there is a conversation about what we've done, what we can improve, and then we hopefully move forward.  Small changes are implemented on almost every batch.  It's an ongoing attempt to make the best thing(s) in the world.  Expect minor variations over time.