Genesis Micro Nail

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Uses 16mm heaters
Reversible joint fits 14mm female or 10mm male.

The Genesis Micro Nail is a newer and smaller updated version of the original Genesis Nail by Happy Daddy Products. Like its predecessor, this nail is designed to minimize reclaim and maximize heat retention, but at a fraction of the size, weight, and cost. Compatible with 16mm heater coils or a torch. The base of the nail is reversible and can be used as either a 10mm female or 14mm male joint. (Compatible with 10mm male and 14mm female rigs, drop-downs, or adapters). Proudly made in Beavercreek Oregon, USA using CP Grade 2 titanium.

Also compatible with the Genesis Micro Quartz Insert by Black Market Glass (not included), a quartz dish insert that rests inside the head of the Genesis Micro, designed to give the flavor of quartz with the durability and heat retention of titanium. The Genesis Micro Flat Carb Cap (not included) was designed to have airflow best complimenting the design of this nail, but other flat carb caps can also function with it as well.


  • Reversible 10F/14M joint is compatible with 10mm male and 14mm female rigs, drop-downs, and adapters.
  • Compatible with ® 16mm coil heaters (extended life recommended).
  • Compatible with quartz dish insert designed to give the flavor of quartz on a durable titanium nail (not included).
  • Made of CP grade 2 titanium and machined in the USA (Oregon).