UNAVAILABLE Dabitat™ Silicone Dishware: Celebrate 420 Buddy Dish

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Dabitat™ is a project from the ladies of Team D-Nail making high quality accessory dishware for the dab habitat! Our goal is to use our creativity, knowledge and crafting skill to bring together beauty and practicality in every unique piece.

Celebrate 420 Buddy Dish: 

A vintage green glass dish shaped as a nug like leaf, coated to the top edge with multiple layers of silicone with encased pot leaf sequins. This dishware will be perfect for all and multiple accessories and small quartz nails. 

Interior silicone surface has a ripple that can occur in our handmade process, in this instance we find the feature useful as an edge for spheres to stop against.

Silicone Pad:  Shimmer Gold | Shimmer Green with Dark Green Pot Leaf Sequins
Length:  167mm
Width:  135mm
Depth:  ~25mm
Height:  39mm
Base Condition: used, some surface wear and scratches*


Every Dabitat™ item is unique from the solid base to the soft silicone coating, most items are made from second hand items to up-cycle* old treasures into new treasures with a uniquely useful purpose.

* Second hand items have wear and tear of life upon them, which is often expressed in chips and scratches; we accept flaws as a part of the character of an individual piece.