Quartz Checkerboard Pillars - Hollow & Solid

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These are simple, powerful tools that allow for better vapor production at lower temperatures.

Based on a combination of old and new thought, this is a precisely designed and executed type of surface architecture that helps pull oil apart and push the vapor out rapidly.

Going back to the original 2014 tech of capillary action, we have specific microscopic texture in the 'frosted' segments that applies mechanical agitation to the oil.  With the textured part in motion, we see a much greater benefit than in previous static parts, and it has been exciting enough to renew our interest in surface architecture in general.


A x B = Diameter x Height (solid)

A x B x C = Inner Diameter x Outer Diameter x Height (hollow)


Hollow pillars are useful for preloading in some designs, but sealed off in a narrow column, it's more like a mortar launcher.