The Blender

Nov 30th 2020

[Holiday sale codes: TDAY2020 17% sitewide except special listing and sale items. CHANNEL20 for 20% off all @channelcaps] There's only a billion modes to test on this nail (thi … read more

On The Subject Of Spheres

Nov 23rd 2020

Originally posted on Instagram @dnailusa on December 16, 2019 On the subject of spheres: In seconds you can see the problem. This is a dry test using handmade borosilicate spheres in a qua … read more
Shinju™ Pearl release notes

Shinju™ Pearl release notes

Jun 23rd 2020

  We have done a lot in our careers to draw lines between material science and dab hardware.  The subtleties of the various attributes of materials and how they related to the subtleties of … read more

Who We Are

Jun 3rd 2020

Blog post #1  We have been through... a lot.  And a lot is different now.  Some of you know have known us for years, and some of you, we're meeting for the first time.  Hola and ch … read more