Black Market nails in stock!

Mar 11th 2021

Black Market Glass has quickly gone from behind the scenes to cutting edge in the quartz industry.  In establishing the production protocol for Blenders, we and they decided to make several upgra … read more

The Blender

Nov 30th 2020

[Holiday sale codes: TDAY2020 17% sitewide except special listing and sale items. CHANNEL20 for 20% off all @channelcaps] There's only a billion modes to test on this nail (thi … read more

On The Subject Of Spheres

Nov 23rd 2020

Originally posted on Instagram @dnailusa on December 16, 2019 On the subject of spheres: In seconds you can see the problem. This is a dry test using handmade borosilicate spheres in a qua … read more
Shinju™ Pearl release notes

Shinju™ Pearl release notes

Jun 23rd 2020

  We have done a lot in our careers to draw lines between material science and dab hardware.  The subtleties of the various attributes of materials and how they related to the subtleties of … read more

Who We Are

Jun 3rd 2020

Blog post #1  We have been through... a lot.  And a lot is different now.  Some of you know have known us for years, and some of you, we're meeting for the first time.  Hola and ch … read more