Wishing Well Batch 1/2

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Please allow a few days processing time.  Dish art varies by batch, and we are currently transitioning.


Limited edition study in fluid dynamics based on the original Blender.



1x Individually serialized Wishing Well by D-Nail x Black Market Glass

1x Custom oak gift box

1x Certificate of Authenticity

An assortment of spheres


Only 333 will be produced (plus 100 special art editions).


"Batch" number will update by dish art patterns.


"Made to order" status will indicate nails that are partially constructed and will be finished to joint/angle specifications (1-3 weeks processing time).


This project reflects a change in course for us to a degree.  We are never going to have enough resources to produce everything we want to make, let alone in any quantity.  As such, we are diverting a series of our favorite ideas for limited production.  The pursuit of the new and different is what drives us, and that is what brings a lot of you here in the first place.


We will take this all to the highest level we can, one step at a time.