Victory Glassworks G5 Blender

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The Vicotry Glassworks Blender is based largely on the 2021 production Black Market Glass 20mm Tall Blenders, but have some differences such as thicker walls.

The Blender design has powerful centrifugal action so the walls of the dish become a primary work zone for vaporization. The whole spectrum of accessories comes into play with the Blender; spheres add heated mass and lower the work zone.

VGW G5 Blender 20mm

Dish Measure: 15mm ID, 20mm OD (2.5mm thick)

Toppers: 20-22mm

Spinner Spheres: 10-12mm

VGW G5 Blender 16mm

Dish Measure: 11mm ID, 16mm OD (2.5mm thick)

Toppers: 16-20mm

Spinner: 5-10mm Sphere, Pillar, Hourglass

Victory Glassworks is a new company elevating the import market.  D-Nail is doing most of the design work for Victory Glassworks and you'll see our influence in most of what they offer.

Now offering discounted prices for minor cosmetic imperfections; these flaws do not reduce function.