Victory Glassworks Valorian Slurper

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The Valorian is a unique slurper-style nail with all of the functional elements of our signature slurper engine; built to spin, not splash, making each dab more efficient and effective. The unique aspect of the Valorian is the 'V' shaped dish which directs material only towards the intake.

NEW 3mm thick quartz walls in the vaporization area massively extends dab windows and features a stronger dish weld. Expect thicker walls to take more time and fuel to heat.


G4 Valorian Slurper:

Beveled Upper Rim: 15mm inner, 20mm outer

Stem: 9mm inner, 40mm tall, 3mm thick

Top: 20-22mm

Valve: 10-12mm

Spinner: up to 8mm


Victory Glassworks Quality Rating

Gold class meets all standards for both function and aesthetics, perfect function while also looking great. "Great" may not always be "perfect" (that's why Platinum exists!) and very minor visual irregularities may be present even in Gold class, such as imperfectly clear quartz or slight logo engraving/blasting errors. Gold quality nails are standard offering and are always a great choice for anyone.

Silver class quality nails meet functional standards but fall short of aesthetic standards, perfect function but noticeably imperfect look. Some typical cosmetic flaws you might see on Silver-quality nails are bubbles, specks, tool marks, or minor misalignment of parts (in a way that does not reduce nail function.) Because Silver quality nails are still fully functional, they offer especially great value for cost, especially if you aren't picky about minor visual details.

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    Delicious dabs and quickly heats

    Posted by Paul on May 20th 2022

    This is a beautiful slurper and definitely isn’t cheap even though the cost is a lot lower than some of the premium ones. It heats up quickly and holds heat more than long enough to hit a pretty big dab - I love it! The silver option is a great choice for if you want to have a mobile rig going, where you take it camping or out with friends!