Victory Glassworks Luna

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Victory Glassworks autospinner banger style nail, Luna is high performance, low maintenance with a powerful spin to move pearls and pillars.

A smaller sized nail with function optimized for average dabs, Luna is not for globs.

11x16mm body, 5mm solid disc base, thick walls.

62mm overall height, primary work area (below the intakes, above the dish) 24mm deep.

VGW Luna Accessory Fit:
Top Cap:  14-20mm
Inner Fit:  up to 60mm tall, 8mm ID


Victory Glassworks Quality Rating

Gold class meets all standards for both function and aesthetics, perfect function while also looking great. "Great" may not always be "perfect" (that's why Platinum exists!) and very minor visual irregularities may be present even in Gold class, such as imperfectly clear quartz or slight logo engraving/blasting errors. Gold quality nails are standard offering and are always a great choice for anyone.

Silver class quality nails meet functional standards but fall short of aesthetic standards, perfect function but noticeably imperfect look. Some typical cosmetic flaws you might see on Silver-quality nails are bubbles, specks, tool marks, or minor misalignment of parts (in a way that does not reduce nail function.) Because Silver quality nails are still fully functional, they offer especially great value for cost, especially if you aren't picky about minor visual details.