Curated Set: Venus with Dabitat™ Pomegranate Plate

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The pomegranate is known world wide as a symbol of femininity and fertility; it is a perfect  pattern to pair as a plate to a Venus nail.


The Venus is a deliberate break from conventional designs to improve both fluid dynamics and aesthetics, utilizing powerful shapes from nature being beautiful or magical.  As such, we extended that concept to explore the female form in a nail, dubbed "Venus" in effect, we present a stylized inverted Venturi Tube that is also Venus standing on a seashell.

The entire design is meant to facilitate powerful and even rotation.  The working level is more or less in the "hips" of the nail where the tubing is reinforced for extra heat retention.


Dabitat™ is a project from the ladies of Team D-Nail making high quality accessory dishware for the dab habitat! Our goal is to use our creativity, knowledge and crafting skill to bring together beauty and practicality in every unique piece.

Pomegranate Painted Plate:

A ceramic saucer plate painted with red and blue pomegranate foliage; the dish interior is coated with a shimmering glow iblue n the dark silicone pad. This dishware will be great for any accessory.

Silicone Pad:  Shimmer, Blue Glow in the Dark
Total Diameter:  175mm
Coated Diameter:  119mm
Dish Depth:  ~3mm
Height:  20mm
Base Condition: used, minimal wear*


Every Dabitat™ item is unique from the solid base to the soft silicone coating, most items are made from second hand items to up-cycle* old treasures into new treasures with a uniquely useful purpose.

* Second hand items have wear and tear of life upon them, which is often expressed in chips and scratches; we accept flaws as a part of the character of an individual piece.