Venus - A D-Nail x Pukinbeagle Collaboration

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Xmas special.


We will be submitting final batch specifications in the middle of November for delivery before Xmas.  As is the case with pre-orders, things can go wrong.  The expectation is to have them out in the mail by Dec 10th.  Additional present(s) included.  We aren't sure what yet.


That aside, this nail is very special to us.  It is a deliberate break from conventional designs both for fluid dynamics and aesthetics.  Often, the two go hand in hand; powerful shapes from nature being beautiful or magical.  As such, we extended that concept to explore the female form in a nail, dubbed "Venus"


In effect, we present a stylized inverted Venturi Tube that is also Venus standing on a seashell.


The entire design is meant to facilitate powerful and even rotation.  The working level is more or less in the "hips" of the nail where the tubing is reinforced for extra heat retention.