V3 Channel Cap

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This is the final beta run of a cap we have been working on for quite a while now.


Controlled depth sandblasting has been an entirely new skill to develop, and here we have the first generation of multi-stage controlled depth.


Similar to the 6 point lateral cap, the V3 channel cap features a rim to fit to the nail and grooves over it for air intake.  The complexity of the processes are quite different, and the V3 affords us a comparable function at a significantly lower expense.


We have some final adjustments to make to the specifications and process.  While we are quite happy with the performance of these, it's time to hear from you!


Quantity is limited to stock on hand, and the price is meant to reflect it being a beta product (code CHANNEL20 should have them come out at $40), and we very much want input on how these caps interact with various configurations.  We expect the unexpected taking a thing from the drawing board to reality.

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