Turbine Cap - Quartz Bubble for 25mm Bangers

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The first edition, hand-made nozzles are almost out of stock, and will be replaced by more precise machined nozzles. The cosmetically flawed caps listed have slight bloom on the inside of the nozzles which will not affect the caps' performance at all.

Additionally, the new, machined nozzle variants are available for reservation. The parts are on hand, but with shop time at a premium, we simply cannot get ahead of it. Please allow 2-4 weeks for those unless otherwise noted.

The first in a line of nozzles with precision cold work, this cap is a masterpiece of design and execution based on a simple idea: that the nozzle is the most important part.

Ron Rawson, aka Pukinbeagle, the godfather of quartz, was the perfect, and perhaps only, choice for this project. His decades of experience in scientific glass and building custom nozzles for torches and aeroponics systms are all seen here. Ron's availability has been limited, and we are proud and honored to be working with him.

We have also reached the point where we need to start classifying caps by "what" they are best for.

The Turbine cap:

  • Balances the tradeoff of splash resistance and penetration
  • Offers the ease of use and comfort of a bubble cap
  • Has very little restriction.
  • Has a high level of rotational energy spread evenly across a wide area.
  • Works extremely well with inserts. The width of the primary current is narrower at higher points of the system, minimizing the risk of air bypassing the insert.

Because of the high splash resistance, we have situated the nozzle to sit lower than the intake stem- perhaps a bold move in most caps, but this forces more air to interact with the oil.

This is a key part of any carb cap collection, and is reasonably limited.

30 and 35mm versions are available by request.

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