25mm Toric Savant Banger [Reservation]

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Availablility: Currently, the American quartz industry is running on a 2-8 month lead time. We are trying to keep everything to 4 weeks. Everything is made to order at present.  We do have extras made, and usually have a variety in stock. But there is no good way to have everything immediately available. We are doing our best to stay ahead of everything to get you exactly what you want.

25mm Toroic banger style nail, with 1.5mm primary walls and 1/8in soild plate to form the base.

We worked hard on designs for 2019, and are proud to present one of the best of them to you!

D-NAIL TORIC banger style nail is designed specifically to work with D-Nail Comets and Directional Carb Caps.

The guiding principle was 'pneumatic thin film evaporator'– an ultra efficient method of evaporating stuff, by quite literally, spreading it into a thin film. By forcing mixing beads and oil into a toroidal channel, the surface area is thoroughly maximized, ensuring efficient and rapid vaporization. Since speed and efficiency of vaporization are two of the primary factors in flavor, you can trust that it matters. 

The design inherently functions as a splash guard and the contoured shape actually makes it easier to clean with a cotton swab.

Beagle is the godfather of the quartz industry, and working with him is a true honor. The precision and quality in his work is first rate. There's not much more to say other than these things look and function utterly outstanding.

25mm Toroic banger style nail with 1.5mm primary walls and 1/8in soild plate to form the base; excellent airflow with Halo Quartz Cap to effectively spin quartz COMET spheres

First rate precision and quality!