D-NAIL® Titanium Dabber

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Grade 2 titanium, mirror polished, anodized, UNC 10-24 threading

The ergonomic shape of D-Nail handles affords improved balance and heat sink capabilities, additionally affording a place for any runoff to collect.  Literally every metal shop quoting these has suggested we save the time and money by making a simpler handle, but that is not why we are here.

Spatula dabber:

The Spatula is the flat tip dabber we always wanted. The tip is thin and flexible, yet strong enough to bounce back. The corners are made at different angles for slight variations to clean the edges of jars.

Spaded Shovel dabber:

The Spaded Shovel is a miniature scoop with both crushing and cutting capacity, meant to be used by pressing the scoop over a hot sphere.

Forked dabber:

The Forked sharp edges and tips help cut through hard material instead of piercing and shattering it. The prongs are thicker and bend-resistant. The compact-tip design allows for easy heat transfer so that more of your material melts into the dish instead of staying attached to the tip.