Staff Choice: Hard Core Venus Accessory Set

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D-Nail Staff Choice: Accessory set the D-Nail Staff enjoy

Fits inside a large sized Venus style slurper with a full mass of accessories to process large dabs with optimized airflow and kinetic action. At the bottom of the dish a Diamondium™ Sphere, 4, 5, 6, or even 8mm in diameter spins under a 12mm Cold Worked Optical Quartz Sphere that acts as a valve to the upper bubble chamber where a 4 or 5mm Diamondium™ Sphere spins rapidly. The spheres are met by the solid rod portion of the Bubble Core Cap, which offers additional heated mass to fill the otherwise void space; at the top of the rod is additional air intake to add suppressive airflow to keep large masses of material low in the dish.

Hard Core Venus Accessory Set:

Nail:  Larger Venus slurper by Pukinbeagle x D-Nail
Topper: Quartz Bubble Core Cap by Pukinbeagle x D-Nail
Top Spinner:  4mm or 5mm Diamondium™ Sphere
Valve: 12mm Cold Worked Optical Quartz Sphere
Bottom Spinner: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, or 8mm Diamondium™ Sphere

Large mass of quartz and Diamondium™ accessories to offer maximized surface area, heat retention, airflow and kinetic action to process large dabs efficiently.


What's the difference between the set options? Multiple size options of Diamondium™ Sphere effects the function and cost of the set; larger spheres hold more heat in the expanded mass which spins slower than the smaller sizes sphere. A larger sphere is recommended for efficiently processing larger dabs.

D-Nail Staff are always changing up our personal dab set ups to try new and different accessory combinations; as we discover accessory sets we like, it is our happy task to share what we enjoy with you!