Staff Choice: Double Pills Accessory Set

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D-Nail Staff Choice: Accessory set the D-Nail Staff enjoy

Two pills spin around each other tightly to rapidly process big dabs on the expanded vaporization area!

Souble pill Accessory Set:

Nail:  16mm ID, 40mm+ Tall Blender
Topper:  Quartz Apex Cap, or 20-22mm Cold Worked Optical Quartz Sphere

 2x 5x28 Cold Worked Optical Quartz Pill

 Alternately: 2x 5x18mm+ Pill of any combination has similar function and precise shape


Expanded mass with excellent spin from exactly straight and smooth with the precision machined production pill parts. Works well in similar variations, such as 20mm ID dish size, as well as slurper style intake.


What's the difference between the set options? Lowest cost option is a smaller 5x18mm quartz pill, recommended selection is two 5x28mm pills. At a higher cost, a Diamondium™ 5x18mm pill provides a premium experience.

D-Nail Staff are always changing up our personal dab set ups to try new and different accessory combinations; as we discover accessory sets we like, it is our happy task to share what we enjoy with you!