Staff Choice: Fun Guy Delight! Slurper Accessory Set

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D-Nail Staff Choice: Accessory set the D-Nail Staff enjoy

This fun guy is a cute experince with balanced airflow and a spinning show to boot!

Fun Guy Delight Accessory Set:

Nail:  2021 Rawson Slurper with 10mm ID x 14mm OD x 35-40mm Tall engine
Topper:  20-22mm Cold Worked Optical Quartz Sphere
Valve:  Mushroom Valve, Cold Worked Optical Quartz 

 2x 3mm Shinju Sphere

 1x 5mm Diamondium Sphere


The long end of the Mushroom valve retains heat and keeps the concentration of spin low in the dish, where the multiple sized spheres rotate at different speed to keep material in motion.


What's the difference between the set options? As an accessably priced option we offer alterative selection for the mushroom valve and 5mm sphere for this set: Sapphire. A lower cost lets more folks see if they like the function of the set without the full investment of the nicest stuff.


D-Nail Staff are always changing up our personal dab set ups to try new and different accessory combinations; as we discover accessory sets we like, it is our happy task to share what we enjoy with you!