Sapphire HALO

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Special Low Price on Sapphire Halo!

This dish has been, for years, heralded as the pinnacle of flavor.

That being said, the Sapphire Nimbus is coming, and we wanted to celebrate.

This variation on the HALO™ dish is made entirely out of  Lab-Grown Sapphire and features the Wik™ surface for unparalleled performance! 

The Sapphire HALO™ is a delicate dish that requires special handling.

Read all Special Handling Instructions below before ordering to see if this nail is right for you.

Assembles with  Slim Series Parts and Flat Coil Heater


  • Do NOT over-tighten retaining nut — finger-tighten only to the point that the nail is secured, but not tight. It should be possible to move/rotate the heater without resistance while everything is cool.
  • Use ONLY with official flat coil heaters, nail bases, and control stations. We can only guarantee a perfect fit and ideal heating conditions on our own products - other brands may have differences (sizing, heat distribution, etc) that can affect performance or even damage the dish.
  • Do NOT apply liquids to the dish while it is above 750°F / 400°C. This includes essential oil to vaporize as well as water or isopropyl alcohol for cleaning! Thermal shock will cause fractures
  • Wipe inside of dish with a dry cotton swab after every use to reduce buildup of residue. Only wipe in a clock-wise direction.
  • When Dish becomes discolored from use clean with high heat:
    ◦ Heat Dish to a maximum of 900°F / 480°C
    ◦ Allow to sit undisturbed for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time, or until all   visible residue in the dish has turned to white ash (whichever comes first)
  • Once nail has completely cooled to room temperature any remaining ash or residue can be cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol. The dish can also be allowed to soak in isopropyl to dissolve any remaining residue, completely dry before heating it again.