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Peak inserts were one of the most asked-for items last year, and we put a lot of effort into making them right!

They all feature our signature double tapered, self-locating skirt for easy placement (they land kind of like a magnet) and stay in place brilliantly during cleaning.

Our favorite overall is the quartz, which is surprising. Precision machined JGS2 quartz at extremely careful specs gives us a nearly perfect thermal balance for rapid heatup and flavor.

SiC takes more heatup time, and is best paired with upgraded coils. The flavor is absolutely excellent at the expense of a little more work. Instruction manual for SiC V3 insert available here.

Shinju is very similar to quartz. In the most current iteration, we recommend with an upgraded coil because of the reinforced dish. However, the warmup time, heat retention, and vapor production are utterly excellent.

Sapphire lands somewhere between SiC and quartz. It takes a lot of care in use, and usually wants a secondary heatup, but the overall flavor is simply unmatched!