S-Series Assembly for Halo/Nimbus Dishes

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It's real.  No titanium.  Lots of options.


The S-Series assembly is either a dedicated 14 male or 14 female base ingegrated with heat sink.


All use M8 threading, not compatible with titanium.


Having not fully tested these for durability, we suggest being careful with screwing them together.  A few pounds of pressure no problem so far.


The top portion is either a threaded SiC lug, special reverse flare anti-splash version, or a threaded Nimbus sized dish.


There are two options for quartz insulating wahsers, sadly not in overly abundant supply, but quick to re-order.


2mm washers are optional for insulation on Nimbus sized dishes.  5mm washers are required for Halo sized dishes.


More info and data to come.  Shipping will not be immediate.  We are cleaning and inspecting each.