Rainbow Ti Universal Cap with Dabber Handle

$65.00 - $110.00
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A directional cap dramatically enhances the efficiency of any dish by containing the vapor and focusing airflow in a functional direction. allowing for lower temperature vaporization

With a directional cap, Comet Spheres can be utialized for kinetic action to improve vaporization effiency.

The Forked Dabber is threaded to attach to the cap, functioning as handle and dabber tool. The tapered shaft acts as a heat sink for the handle to reduce heat transfer from dish.

Inner-steps fit to most D-Nail dish designs, and may be compatible with other dishes of similar size.

Compatible Nails:

  • D-Nail® NIMBUS™ All Materials
  • D-Nail® HALO™ All Materials
  • D-Nail® 20mm Ti Deep Dish
  • D-Nail® 16mm Ti Deep Dish
  • D-Nail® 10mm Ti OG Dish
  • D-Nail®/Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail
  • Most other domeless Titanium nails with a dish OD of 18-22mm or 25-28mm