Rainbow Ruby Bullets

$30.00 - $395.00
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6x15mm bullets have been one of our favorite and most popular slurper accessories, and we decided to expand the line.


"Ruby" is one variant of corundum (sapphire, emerald etc), one of the most chemically inert and temperature resistant materials humans make.  We still use only the top quality optical saphire for inserts, but after some r/d have determined a number of viable options for smaller parts.

Clocking in near the top for both heat retention and flavor, this is a major step in a new line of small accessories.


Hand selected from stock from America, Russia, and Japan, these custom tooled bullets are meant for any slurper with at least 8mm stem diameter.  Especially on shorter stem nails, you'll want to pair with a valve.


*Don't drop your hot corundum in liquid - it can break to shock*