Quartz Peak Insert V3

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Inlcudes 3mm "Shinju Pearl" Comet Sphere.

We have been designing quartz parts for years both for flame and cold work, and Peak accessories were the most highly requested products from us in 2019. 


  • These inserts are precision machined from JGS2 quartz, and every aspect has been carefully considered to function ideally specifically with the V3 Peak atomizer.
  • Fitted base with self-locating skirt.  For easy placement and self-correcting placement. No more knocking your top off while cleaning.
  • Tapered dish wall for rounded edges - again, easy cleaning.
  • Precisely calculated mass placement for easy, highly efficient use.
  • Bevels at every edge to prevent chipping.
  • Reliable precision every time

The polish is complex, but the short version is we have two levels of polish: "frosted" or "hand polished"- Hand polished is shown here.

Reviews are thus far, 10/10, best insert ever for this, unanimously. We are/were actually surprised.