Quartz Peak Insert V3 [reservation]

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Expected release date is Jun 15th 2020

This is a Pre-Order listing.  Estimated ship times are mid June.

All pre-orders will receive a mystery gift (or more) of at least $15 value.


We have been designing quartz parts for years both for flame and cold work, and Peak accessories were the most highly requested products from us in 2019.  The quartz was a longer time coming than we wanted, but here we are:


These inserts are precision machined from JGS2 quartz, and every aspect has been carefully considered to function ideally specifically with the V3 Peak atomizer.

-Fitted base with self-locating skirt.  For easy placement and self-correcting placement.  No more knocking your top off while cleaning.

-Tapered dish wall for rounded edges - again, easy cleaning.

-Precisely calculated mass placement for easy, highly efficient use.

-Bevels at every edge to prevent chipping.

-Reliable precision every time


Polish is complex, but the short version is we have two levels of polish: 'frosted' or 'hand polished' - Hand Polished is shown here


Reviews are thus far, 10/10, best insert ever for this.  Unanimously.  We are/were actually surprised.