Pukinbeagle Slurper V2

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V2 Slurper from us and Pukinbeagle.

(stem height selectable on made to order nails)


We have been working on the fine engineering points of slurpers for over a year now.  This is the version that we are ready to call done.  While there are plenty of specialty variants on deck for later, the overall well-rounded 'slurper' is finished as far as we're concerned.

-Powerful centrifugal airflow, flawlessly calibrated.

-Tapered dish to allow oil to melt to intakes

-Splatter-proof core function and excllent splash resistance

-Massive heat retention

-The strongest, most durable slurper, made by the most talented quartz worker in the business.

-Newly revamped assembly process for even stronger seals!



Total quantities are limited, and we will be focused on specailty nails before Xmas.  Otherwise, the future plans are going to unfold as we go.