Pukinbeagle/Rawson Glassworks Slurper: V1

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A design from D-Nail and Pukinbeagle(aka Ron Rawson) developed with extensive research to optimize all the fine points of a class of nails.

The intakes offers unmatched performance, generating powerful centrifugal force while virtually eliminating splash.

  • Powerful centrifugal airflow, expertly calibrated
  • Tapered dish to allow oil to melt to intakes
  • Splatter-proof core function and excllent splash resistance
  • Massive heat retention
  • Strongest, most durable slurper, made by Pukinbeagle a master quartz worker and one of the most talented in the industry
V1 Slurper made by Pukinbeagle (Rawson Glassworks )
Upper Body:    20mm OD, 16mm ID, beveled
Stem:   10mm ID, 40mm tall
Topper:   20-22mm
Valve:   10-15mm
Spinner:   up to 8mm diameter, 38mm tall


Rawson Glassworks is the Rawson family, headed by Ron Rawson (aka Pukinbeagle), the godfather of the quartz, and the most skilled quartz worker in the business.  It is an ongoing honor to be working so closely with them.

Additional notes:
Tubing is all top end from Heraeus (Germany)
Joints are top end from Parbilt (USA)
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