Pukinbeagle Fan Turbine Banger Dabitat Dish Full Set

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Set for a Pukinbeagle fan that includes:

  • Unique Square Top Turbine Cap
  • 25x45 Banger 10M90
  • 6x15mm Optech Quartz Hourglass
  • 6mm Silicone Carbine Sphere
  • 4/5 Stainless Steel Tong Tool
  • Black Titanium Spatula Dabber
  • Dabitat Dish: Beagle Fan Dog Dish
Pukinbeagle + D-Nail Trubine Cap, Flat Top, Unique Square
Interior Column Diameter  19mm
Interior Column Height  19mm
Top Height  25mm
Top Dimension  34x34mm
Total Height  45mm


D-Nail + Pukinbeagle Turbine Cap outperforms everything. Painstakingly produced in a cross-discipline process of tooled to extreme precision to be masterfully worked and assembled. These blend power, rotation, penetration, and splash resistance at the highest level.

Turbine Caps are easy to use with powerful spin, thick vapor, and a notably lower vapor point, these are a must have for anyone who wants the absolute best.

Pukinbeagle 2021 Banger
Inner Diameter  25mm
Dish Depth  40mm
Total Height  45mm
Bottom Thickness  5mm
Wall Thickness  2.5mm

Included Spinner options are the classic 6mm Sphere of Silicone Carbine; as well as a 6x15mm Optech™ Quartz Hourglass.

All Items from this set will rest safely on a Pukinbeagle inspired Dabitat™ dish.

Dabitat™ is a project from the ladies of Team D-Nail making high quality accessory dishware for the dab habitat! Our goal is to use our creativity, knowledge and crafting skill to bring together beauty and practicality in every unique piece.

Beagle Fan Dog Dish:

An hourglass shaped vibrant red Fiesta brand ceramic dish with the interior coated fully in florescent green silicone. This dishware is perfectly paired to a banger with cap and all accessories.

Silicone Pad:  Florescent Green
Total Dimension:  157x255mm
Inner Dimension:  99x210mm
Bottom Diameter:  80x185mm
Dish Depth:  ~15mm
Total Height:  22mm
Base Condition: used, lightest wear*


Every Dabitat™ item is unique from the solid base to the soft silicone coating, most items are made from second hand items to up-cycle* old treasures into new treasures with a uniquely useful purpose.

* Second hand items have wear and tear of life upon them, which is often expressed in chips and scratches; we accept flaws as a part of the character of an individual piece.