Pukinbeagle eToric Bundle

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This is a fairly pro kit.   Bundle MSRP approx $650


Bundle includes:

-E-Toric nail

-30mm Barrel Heater and 2 pins (custom selected and fit to the nail)

-Gen 2 Turbine cap, bubble variant 1st edition - which is an absolutely excellent compliment to the nail's unique shape (Most have cosmetic flaws but are perfectly functioning.  These are the only caps like them at the moment)

-5mm Opal Sphere

-Bloom Tongs - G2 ti, mirror polished, anodized, and engraved - by Awaken Design

-PTFE Coaster


The E-Toric is an extremely effective, but deceptively complicated nail.


Adapted from the Toric banger style nails, this features a more cylindrical toroidal track for the work zone, curved to a standard 25mm tubing for the upper portion.  The airflow requirements for ideal function are quite specific, provided brilliantly by the gen 2 turbine cap.  The cap is a best of man/machine sort of deal with precision engineered nozzles executed to extreme precision and masterfully assembled by Ron Rawson.


Concentrating fluids into an evenly heated, confined space, and adequately spreading them across it allows for highly effective vaporization with minimal (if any) splash.  Better flavor and less waste come at the expense of specific cap requirements and a slight increase in difficulty in cleaning.  The principles are in line with advanced distillation practices, where we want to promote a path for vapor to escape while acting on thin portions of material.


All in all, it is about as good as we can conceive for an electric banger for maximum performance.

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