Pre Order Blender (Bundle)

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Includes custom cap and an accessory pack (over $150 value in extras)


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This nail is the first step in asking the question 'what if we welded the cap to the bottom'


Where we have made a number of strides in cap physics, considering them in reverse is going to lead to some awesome developments.  And this one is just that; awesome.

The core function of a channel cap lends itself perfectly to the task, albeit a bit more specialized to account for the variation in use.


This nail functions differently than others - somewhere between a regular banger and a slurper, but also neither.  With powerful centrifugal action, the walls become a primary work zone.  The whole spectrum of accessories comes into play here - spheres add heated mass and lower the work zone.  Carb caps have various and surprising effects we are just beginning to map out.





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