Peak Insert PRE-ORDER

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Expected release date is Jan 23rd 2020

This listing is for PRE-ORDER of silicon carbide inserts specifically designed for Puffco Peak.


Expected ship date: January 2020

Bulk orders/wholesale are available by reservation - prepayment discounts can be applied.


Quite simply, we do not know if we need 50 or 50,000 of these.  We tend to shy away from pre-orders with everythign that can go wrong, but in this case, it is the best course of action for a number of reasons - primarily getting asked multiple times a day to make this.


There are two versions: 

Universal (should fit all models well enough)

V3 (specifically designed for the different heater support assembly.  Better balance and fit, but will not rest flush on the heating element on older models)


Construction materials is the same, high quality sintered silicon carbide we have always used, but extra attention is being paid contours and polish.  There are no sharp edges anywhere on the design except the heater mount area where we want maximum contact within size parameters.


Specific differences between the universal and v3 are only at the lower mount.  The universal has a flat area to sit on the heater and a taper to the wall so it will not contact the support posts.  The v3 has a cylindrical heater fit specifically for the heater, then a taper toward the wall that serves as a guide to slide the parts precisely together.