Lens Cap 35mm Quartz

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The Lens Cap is the result of our study in simplification and miniaturization of carb caps.

Perfect for 24-25mm bangers. 

Great on Peak/Carta.

16-20mm bangers.

Good on 28mm bangers.

Mediocre on 30mm (the hole placement is not ideal).

In effect, we consider this to be a 'pro' level tool. While it is immensely powerful and adjustable, it requires a bit of practice and skill to learn the appropriate positioning for your nail. This is easily accomplished by practicing with a bit of water to see how the position relates to airflow.

Made of high purity optical quartz with optical quality polish.

35mm wide, 6mm total thickness, with one precisely drilled intake hole.

Spiffy Alternate Uses:

  • Magnifying glass
  • Solar lighter
  • Jar topper