D-NAiL® Joint Stopper

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Our Joint Stoppers are the perfect addition to any travel or cleaning kit. Prevent leakage in transit or storage, use when shaking and soaking during cleaning cycles, or keep your glass clean and dust/debris free while on display or put away. 

Made of laboratory grade rubber, our Stoppers come in two sizes to fit over and/or into almost any joint! They create an air and moisture-tight seal*, to protect what’s inside AND outside. Ridges on the plug mean our Stoppers will stay in place when inserted, and the elasticity of the rubber means that the opposite side can be stretched to fit a wide variety of joint and mouthpiece sizes. 

*Please Note: The seal will not be perfect for every joint, use with large amount of water is not recommended. Always test the seal for water-tightness when transporting liquid.

Our Joint Stoppers come in packs of four with two small and two large sizes in each pack, for maximum versatility.