In Stock Rawson Glassworks x Dnail

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This has been one of the most rewarding engineering tasks of the year, and the results are elegant and epic. Working closely with Ron Rawson, aka Pukinbeagle, these nails fully exploit the potential of this class of nails to be efficient distillation columns with variable modes.

The evap core cap is arguably the greatest improvement to efficiency (and perfectly easy to clean) we will see for some time. Adding a suspended hot quartz rod to the center of the column affords a massive heat bank across a massive area of heated work zone.

Reviews so far can be summarized as 'best torch nail ever' in the (few) opinions we have received.

Ron is the only human we know able and willing to execute these nails at this level (his brother is another, and will be working on the project soon). While his health is improving, he simply cannot work every day. Demand for these nails is well in excess of what can be made. We have done our best to price these fairly, and hope to be able to bring costs down later.