Clearance Curated Set: 'As Is Floral' 24mm Yellow Bottom Banger with Dabitat™ Dish

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A full kit bundle with everything needed, and more.

As is, when something is not perfect it need not to be tossed as a loss; the careful addition of art adds value over imperfection. Both the Dabitat dish and Banger feature noticable cosmetic flaws that make them a perfect set.

24mm Banger (Yellow Bottom, BMG 2021 production) paired with a Channel Cap Coin with Vortex engine which spins a 5mm sphere within the dish for efficent vaporization. This banger features additional art to cover the inperfect surface. 

Set Includes:

  • Dabitat™ 'As Is Floral' Dish with silicone lining *As Is
  • 24mm Yellow Bottom Banger Dish, BMG 2021 production *As Is
  • Channel Cap Coin with Sunflower Burst art side, Vortex engine
  • 5mm Pink Rainbow Opal Sphere
  • 4/5 Steel Sphere Tong Tool
  • 10mm PTFE Joint Protector
  • Sweeps™ Cotton Swabs, 50 Pack small size 

BMG 24mm Quartz Banger, Yellow Bottom, 2021 production:

A 24mm dish clear quartz banger with a yellow quartz bottom; the main work zone on these dishes heats faster and glows at a lower temperature to standard quartz.

* As Is: This Banger has an uneven inner dish surface with a divot in the center and lower sides which limits function, not reccomended with dish inserts. Addional Surface flaws include bubbles, warps and scratches that are mostly covered by added art.

Beveled Upper Rim, Yellow Dish Bottom

Diameter Inner: 19.8mm
Diameter Outer: 23.8mm
Wall Thickness: 2.0mm
Dish Depth: 35.9mm
Dish Depth to Arm:  21.6mm
Bottom Thickness: 4.8mm


Channel Cap Coin with Vortex engine

Channel Caps are a literally sideways approach carb cap, utilizing carefully designed and crafted air channels rather than conventional holes. Eight directional intakes are widely compatable with most any banger style nail for rotational energy and splash resistance.


Dabitat™ is a project from the ladies of Team D-Nail making high quality accessory dishware for the dab habitat! Our goal is to use our creativity, knowledge and crafting skill to bring together beauty and practicality in every unique piece.

As Is Flower Dish: 

A glass dish scuplted as a flower bloom with multiple layers of silicone coated to the top edge and a thick soft pad at the bottom. This dishware will be perfect for accessories and some quartz nails.

Silicone Pad:  Translucent White with Blue Glow in the Dark | Shimmer Yellow + Orange
Outer Diameter:  mm
Bottom Diameter:  mm
Depth:  mm
Height:  mm
Base Condition: used, surface wear and scratches, some chiped edges, one large chip*

Every Dabitat™ item is unique from the solid base to the soft silicone coating, most items are made from second hand items to up-cycle* old treasures into new treasures with a uniquely useful purpose.

* Second hand items have wear and tear of life upon them, which is often expressed in chips and scratches; we accept flaws as a part of the character of an individual piece.