Patterned Art Toric Bell Banger Curated Set

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A full kit bundle with everything needed.

Full body cold work pattern by Eye Candy Quartz

Set Includes:

  • 20mm Toric Bell Banger with Eye Candy Quartz full art
  • V2 Stabilized Cone Channel Cap Lens, Pinwheel
  • 5mm Diamondium Sphere
  • 4/5 Steel Sphere Tong Tool
  • 14mm PTFE Joint Protector
  • Sweeps™ Cotton Swabs, 50 Pack small size

D-Nail's most effective banger-style: Toric Series with a toroidal track at the bottom which maximizes the potential of a spinning sphere, contouring around it in motion.  Even without accessories, the surface area is increased in both amount and function.

20mm Toric Bell Banger
Top: 20mm
Spinner: 5-6mm Sphere or Round