Silicon Nitride Comet Sphere

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4.7mm silicon nitride spheres.

High purity, low surface adheshion, good thermal shock value.

Designed specifically to fit our Halo and Nimbus dishes, they also fit basically everything else.


Please do not use these or any spheres without lubricant.  Use of multiple spheres can cause them to slide instead of roll, which can risk damage.

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    Silicon Nitride Sphere

    Posted by Will on Dec 14th 2020

    dabs used to crawl up the dish into the carb cap nooks but I leave the dnail at 715f and grab a glob then let it melt over the spheres and spin them around the dish since my carb cap doesnt spin them around, spreading the oil making for a quicker vape. they self clean after about an hour and the taste is a little more pronounced

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    Quality product, as usual

    Posted by bugboy773 on Aug 28th 2020

    The spheres fit perfectly in the halo dish, they spin well and don't stick.

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    SiC comet

    Posted by Kamogawa on Feb 2nd 2020

    I was eager to do some testing of my own and brought a few comets to try in various different dishes/bangers. I was already used to mixing the material and spreading it across the dish but was dreaming of how to carp cap it at the same time to retain the low temp longer! Comets in bangers act as excellent heat retainers and help mix the material. However nothing compared to the magic that happens when you combine the comets with a halo dish or a nimbus dish in junction with a directional carb cap! Simply drop the material into the dish and cover with the directional carb cap as you draw the vape in. The directional carb cap, directs air into the dish like a turbine, which pushes the comet and your material around the dish rapidly. You can feel and hear each rotation as it glides. I feel like comets work best with the Nimbus or Halo line dishes. We preferred the deeper dish of the nimbus.